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Animal Massage & Acupressure:

Massage and Acupressure are beneficial to our pets in a variety of ways.

They are based on a focused and intentional series of touch and strokes to aid the needs of our pets physical and emotional well being.

Palpation is another form of touch, it is the art of conscious awareness. This is a state of mind in which you are totally focused in the moment with the attention in your hands, you become aware of muscle texture & temperature changes to an area and the structures around them.

 Both acupressure and massage encourage the reduction of stress and anxiety by promoting a sense of trust and relaxation.


 It can aid in the healing processes associated with:

Anxiety: Massage effects the central  nervous system by  inducing a reflex response, the "Letting go" effect.

Reducing stress and anxiety by building a bond between human and animal through touch and acceptance.

Competition: aiding in reduction of sore and tired muscles .To encourage better muscle tone and function, better joint mobility and assist in reducing the effects of postural imbalances and abnormal gaits, caused by tense, tired and contracted muscles. Thus enabling  the animals to move more freely and comfortably achieving optimal performance. It can be used for warm-up,  during  and post training and events.

Behaviorial differences: When their bodies feel uncomfortable their personalities may alter. Using healing touch we can ease those differences.  

With Veterinary Guidance, Aiding in Rehabilitation from Injury and Illness:

 Reduces pain and inflammation. Promotes the circulation of blood, oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissue. Promotes healing . May aid in early detection of abnormal tissue in or on the body.


Massage is a compliment to traditional and holistic veterinary care, It is not a replacement for treatment.

If you have concerns about your companions suitablity please consult your  veterinarian first.


No Philosophers so thoroughly comprehend us as dogs and horses.

 Herman Melville, Redburn. His First Voyage, 1849 

Victoria Tugwell, RVN,CAP,CBW,EBW,LVCYT