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Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons:  Veterinary Nursing.

Canine Rehabilitation Institute: Certified Canine Rehabilitation Assistant (Pending) 

Caninology :  Canine Body work.

Equinology: Equine Body work, Equine Behavior,

                            Neuromuscular Re- education and Horse Handling Skills.

Acupressure Institute & Mckinnon Body Therapy Center:  

 Acupressure Practitioner, Swedish Massage, Reiki Ist Degree,

Craniosacral Therapy.

Animal Neuro-myofascial technique   

Active Release Technique : Upper Body.  

Chi Institute: TCVM for Veterinary Technician 

Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute : Animal Acupressure.

Healing Arts InstituteCranioSacral Therapy  for Animals.

 Open University UK:  BSc (Honours) Health Sciences.



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