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I am an instructor with Caninology, Inc and Victoria Tugwell attended our introductory course in canine body work last fall ( 2008). This is an intense course, that starts with 40 hours of pre-study, then a 7 day class that covers canine anatomy, kinesiology, massage, palpation, and assessment. The participant is then required to complete a 6 month externship in order graduate with a certification in canine bodywork. Victoria was an exceptional student in class. Her knowledge of dogs is extensive and she has a wonderful sense of touch when working with them. I now use the externship she completed as an example of what I would like to see from my other students.

I am confident that you will be pleased with her level of knowledge, hands on skills, and professional presentation.

 Beverly G, Adams, CMT, CBW

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"As an Integrative Equine Veterinarian, I believe in a treatment approach that includes many different modalities. But not all  massage is the same. I recommend Victoria as a Certified Canine and Equine Body Worker, and because she gets the best results and the clients and animals love her!"

 Joanna Robson DVM,CVSMT,CMP,CVA